Workshop on “Denials” – Modena, 26/11/2018


Philosophical perspectives on the fabrication of historical facts 

26 Nov. 2018

Università di Modena

AULA E Largo Sant’Eufemia 19

h. 10:15:11-30

Emanuela Ceva (Università di Pavia)

Denying just interactions

Coffee break

h. 11:45-13:00

Dorota Mokrosinska (University of Leiden)

Immunity of the Press of Unauthorised Disclosures of Classified Information: Dispelling the Myth

Lunch break

h. 14:30- 15:45

Carla Bagnoli (Unimore)

Denials as Disclaimers of Responsibility

Coffee break

h. 16:00-17:15

Colleen Murphy (University of Illinois)

Whose denial? Which historical facts to acknowledge? Transitional Justice and the Process of Countering Denial

Open to all interested. For information

Organized by Carla Bagnoli (Grant FAR 2017)

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